Turnkey Vendor Management & KPI Performance Improvement

Accurate Assessments   Get feedback from vendor management experts: Your own employees.


Dashboard Views   See the status of all your company’s suppliers, vendors, partners, and consultants.


Better Decisions   Know which vendors, and their employees, are performing poorly and which are worthy to award future work.






Apples to Apples   Month over month comparisons enables you to see performance improvements or decrements


Tailored Reports   With a click of a button, tailor dashboard reports to answer your business questions and get to the root cause of weak performance.


Accountability   Hold vendors accountable by seeing results of implemented mitigation improvements. 


End copying and pasting   Share dashboards with your full team, or the vendors themselves, to help get everyone on the same page


Setup is a breeze   No installation, cloud access to reports by any online browser.


No training required   Intuitive, practical approach, launched in minutes for you to start gathering feedback from employees working directly with the vendors.





manage and improve performance


Get What's VItal From Vendors Every Day

Metrics that Matter   Key Performance Indicators tied to your goal of identifying the best vendors and their people for the services you need.


Achieve Objectives   Flexibility to set thresholds and grade performance appropriately over time.


Find Hidden Strengths   Compare vendor performance proficiency across departments, teams, and projects, over time.



Painless Assessments & Productive Analytics


Have Exactly What You Need

Engaged Teams   Increase attention to detail and accountability by empowering your employees to give feedback on their daily experiences with the vendor.


Increased Productivity   Keep vendors focused on appropriate priorities and timely correction of shortcomings.


Time Savings   No need to shuffle through pages of meaningless metrics and slides. Share the CoreView6 dashboard with anyone you choose and dialogue about results directly “on the same page”.


Institutional Knowledge   Share which vendors to select and use for specific needs, helping colleagues select appropriate vendors, and their people, for every task.


Instant Insight & Improvement



Your customers' satisfaction is only as strong as the weakest delivery link.
Your business performance relies on providers and partners. 
How do you monitor their performance?


The best way to evaluate vendors is by talking to those who work with and rely on their services

You select Reviewers, usually 3 to 5 employees you know are qualified to evaluate the vendor's performance. 


Monthly or biweekly, your Reviewers rate the vendor and their resources on the CoreView6 assessment.

Completed in seconds, it produces powerful, action provoking dashboard results and text feedback that enable you to course correct where needed. 

3 Perform

You're instantly informed on goal progress, ready for dialogue with vendors to correct issues.

Celebrate wins and discover insights so you can keep the team focused and moving in the right direction.

Better Decisions, Less Effort


Success Made Simple

Vessment was founded to make vendor performance management painless for the clients and suppliers via a simple and intuitively designed cloud-based assessment platform.

We built the Vessment CoreView6 to evaluate vendor performance after the pain of dealing with volumes of meaningless metrics forced on us after outsoucing business functions to “value added" suppliers.

Tracking performance that way was an over-reliance on slides and spreadsheets that told us nothing about what we really needed to know. 

Traditional vendor reviews are dominated by “water cooler” opinions and anecdotal stories about who “dropped the ball” or heroic efforts by staff doing things that “were not their jobs.”

What's needed is an apples to apples comparison across time and vendors.  When a vendor performs well, they should be used again the next time someone in our company has the same need. 

We'VE Seen KPI assessments and dashboards help both buyers and suppliers do business faster and smarter.