management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet.
— Henry Mintzberg

Your customers' satisfaction is only as strong as the weakest delivery link
Your business performance relies on providers and partners 
How do you monitor THEIR performance?

The best way to evaluate vendors is by talking to those who have worked with them or used their services. 

Regrettably, what you need to know about Providers, Vendors, Contractors and Partners you rely on, is too often unmeasured leaving you to make decisions based on intuition, gossip, and speculation. 

VESSMENT solves this by connecting its proven CoreView6 performance assessments, completed in seconds, to your business Providers in a cloud based dashboard platform.

Whether you outsource, offshore, or augment your staff, our solution delivers performance insights that encourage mindfulness of your employees, contracted services providers, and even your customers.

Benefits For "Buy Side" Clients

Use CoreView6 dashboards to assess all your Providers on uniform metrics; create a level playing field. 

  • Identify Provider strengths and weaknesses
  • Assign work to the best Providers for appropriate projects
  • Retain institutional knowledge of Provider performance track records
  • Link performance to contract terms and Master Service Agreements
  • Set standards for quality and performance improvement

Benefits For "Sell Side" Providers

Provide CoreView6 dashboards to your clients, create competitive differentiation and commitment to quality.

  • Stop competing on price, show value delivered
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses in service delivery
  • Benchmark performance standards and sustain improvements
  • Include "gain share" performance in your service agreements
  • Identify relationships across your clients and services delivered
Test Drive this Dashboard: Click to sign in as a Member

Test Drive this Dashboard: Click to sign in as a Member