knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.
— Aristotle

Sustainable competitive advantage is impossible without dynamic, value-creating teams
Success relies on your firm’s ability to collaborate internally and externally
Do you know how effectively you collaborate?

Decision effectiveness and financial results correlate for every country, industry and company size that has been studied. Yet, few companies have the mechanisms to understand and manage the effectiveness of collaboration within their organization.

Today's enterprise can be complex, difficult and frustrating for managers and employees alike.  It is critical to have access to the internal intelligence necessary to manage the many complex and conflicting interests that must be balanced to achieve success.

VESSMENT provides proven internal assessment approaches through online dashboards to simplify complexity and address the ambiguity and conflict which often lead to systemic inefficiencies.  The results are effective, efficient organizations.

Benefits for Leaders

  • See areas of need, and address them
  • Transform feedback into performance insights
  • Enhance processes to correct alignments
  • Increase synchronization, coordination, and timing of work plans and objectives
  • Know the ROI impact of your service delivery

Benefits for Employees

  • Strengthen connection to common goals
  • Increase communication and consultation between internal groups
  • Facilitate innovative solutions to complex, technical problems
  • Improve morale and motivation