in today’s information-flooded world, the scarcest resource is not ideas or even talent: it’s attention.
— The Attention Economy: Thomas H. Davenport, John C. Beck

Annual performance reviews are the dinosaurs of a bygone era
employees' attention is on timely, constructive feedback
How can you create an agile employee performance appraisal process?

You need your workforce aligned with the organization's goals and priorities. Employee performance history needs to be traceable to immediately address when an employee is a poor fit, or worthy of promotion. 

Supervisors rarely manage employees one-on-one and are ill-equipped to solely judge a year's performance, diminishing the value of annual reviews.  Moreover, feedback is too little, too late to be meaningful for employees to be accountable or change results. 

VESSMENT delivers timely employee performance assessments though a set of online dashboards. The precious talent you have is focused on engagement, and continuous development. Agile employee performance appraisals make a feedback-rich culture. 


Benefits for Employers

  • Streamline the performance review process
  • Involve leaders, peers, or subordinates, in the review, requiring mere seconds from chosen reviewers
  • Gain constructive and timely feedback from those most appropriate to provide insights
  • Track performance for continuous improvement
  • Gather monthly, quarterly, and custom reviews based on your business need

Benefits for Employees

  • Gather feedback you need to be high-performing
  • Avoid "surprises" during the awkward and uncomfortable performance review meeting
  • Access performance data in an a profile for future promotion and other talent reviews
  • Visualize development plans linked to interactive dashboards
  • Quantifiy performance impact based on timely, constructive feedback